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Just Getting Started...

Uniform fittings will begin next week on Monday 8/23 with seniors only. We've never done uniform fittings during the school day before, but with our change in Fine Arts Secretaries and the timing we are going to do it this year.

ALL STUDENTS - you need to have a pair of thin athletic shorts or, ladies, leggings on the day you are fit in a uniform so that you don't have to keep leaving the uniform room to try the next uniform on. You need to bring $20, cash or check, uniform cleaning fee payable to the HBHS band when you are fit.

We are going to try Monday having seniors come to the band room during a class time that is convenient to miss a few minutes with an excuse note. If all goes well, we will fit all of the seniors on Monday and we will be able to plan days for fitting juniors and sophomores at that point.

Remember: Bring $20, wear athletic shorts or leggings, and come when your grade is scheduled. Watch for more information here!

Shoes: We will be ordering shoes next week. I don't have a price on them just yet, but will post that ASAP. The cost for patent leather Dinkles is usually under $30.

NWA Naturals performance: We will once again (as we have since the ballpark opened except for last year) be performing at the Arvest Ballpark on Thursday, 9/2. Students will perform part of our marching show, "Spain", and some pep tunes before the game, then perform the National Anthem. Parents and others will be able to buy a ticket from any band student and part of the proceeds go to the band.

Finally, please reach out to your friends who might not be members of this page. It's a great resource for all things Har-Ber Band. It's a closed group so they will have to request and be added by an administrator.


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